Stay Focused and Keep Your Soul Extra Extra Sparkly.

Finding your soul, knowing and learning you is one of the biggest challenges in life, we face truths we’ve hid from all our lives, we relive pasts we tried to forget, lost people we thought we could never live without. Going through this is our real birth.

I not long ago started this journey, i must say it’s an eye opening experience. We become who we are destined to be, evolving, our life takes the route it is meant to take. One thing I would say is, it may look like it’s falling apart and all is negative but that is the walk that is our growth.

To find yourself, is to recognise yourself and to love it when you do, because you are more than your thoughts and your feelings you are one complicated being and finding you will unravel all of that and I can assure you, you will fall in love with yourself even more.

Finding yourself, Is aligning the mind, body, heart and soul that is where you are that is where you find your happiness.
I noticed that a lot of people attempt to go through this process when they’ve been heartbroken. No, never let anyone be the reason you decide to “do you” your heart needs to be clean you need to be willing, you need to want this. When you find you. You are unstoppable and more than unbreakable, no one can ever know you like you.
Because you are your happiness. ✨🌸




Back in to the healthy lifestyle.

I won’t even lie to you guys, I’ve been saying i want to fulfil a healthier lifestyle, but my motivation is probably more or less underneath my feet. I want to start going to the gym, eating healthy stop smoking all of that seriousness, i defiantly feel that to complete my transition to a happy mind, a happy life, just everything happy. health and well-being is defiantly a big factor to a happy body and mind, and probably the only thing stopping me from completing everything. but it’s defiantly hard, everyone is going through or has gone through this. I work over 55 hours a week 5 days a week so going to a gym is the last thing on my mind, am i wrong? but i have figured that you don’t need the gym. that’s extra, from the smallest of weaning off cigarettes, healthier diet and more walks and jogs, I’m sure its possible to actually get somewhere very far. So in this post ill give you the few but very affective procedures i will be taking.

  • I smoke. A lot, i have a very stressful career which is a Chef in a high-end restaurant in Mayfair please feel my pain, i take it out on cigarettes because i no longer smoke weed, thank God but it just wasn’t for me anymore, smoking cigarettes became my replacement which lead to constantly smoking them. I looked at E-Cigarettes but they aren’t no better, so you know what I’m going to have to be harsh on my self. but cut down in a structured way so that at the end of it i won’t want to smoke again. lets see how this turns out
  • I will definitely do some exercising in the comfort of my own home daily. I’ve picked a more motivating way that i feel will religiously push me to make a habit of it
  1. Set myself a goal, amount of workouts per week, a desired weight loss.
  2. inspiration I’m a visionary seeing things remind me posters etc will push me more.
  3. playlist. i live for music so i guarantee that will help me a lot.
  4. After every workout i complete I’m going to keep a diary about it, how i felt etc what i need to do better. criticism is one of the main things that push us to do way better than the norm.
  5. I’m going to make it fun, I’m putting myself through something tough and maybe painful, let me at least make something of it so I can smile that the end.
  • choosing the healthier option. let’s be honest i am the girl who would pick chocolate over fruit all day everyday, i say that with my chest, not very proud of it but at the time who was complaining? not me. i do snack a lot especially at work could be out of pure boredom but if so i will try attempt to cut that out completely but as goes for the needed snacking fruit will now have to be on the menu, let me just be honest, I’m not a fan of this decision.

I’ll try my hardest to attempt all these, because its something i very much want, i might, might not enjoy it but i look to the outcome. i won’t be updating no one on this just in case i crash, fail and suck epic.