Stay Focused and Keep Your Soul Extra Extra Sparkly.

Finding your soul, knowing and learning you is one of the biggest challenges in life, we face truths we’ve hid from all our lives, we relive pasts we tried to forget, lost people we thought we could never live without. Going through this is our real birth.

I not long ago started this journey, i must say it’s an eye opening experience. We become who we are destined to be, evolving, our life takes the route it is meant to take. One thing I would say is, it may look like it’s falling apart and all is negative but that is the walk that is our growth.

To find yourself, is to recognise yourself and to love it when you do, because you are more than your thoughts and your feelings you are one complicated being and finding you will unravel all of that and I can assure you, you will fall in love with yourself even more.

Finding yourself, Is aligning the mind, body, heart and soul that is where you are that is where you find your happiness.
I noticed that a lot of people attempt to go through this process when they’ve been heartbroken. No, never let anyone be the reason you decide to “do you” your heart needs to be clean you need to be willing, you need to want this. When you find you. You are unstoppable and more than unbreakable, no one can ever know you like you.
Because you are your happiness. ✨🌸




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