1. Never worry or overthink, it won’t matter in the years to come will it?
  2. Your health is so so important, body is a temple. Cherish it
  3. Take your make up off before bed, your skin will thank you years later
  4. compliment strangers.. those compliments are most valued
  5. You don’t have as much time  as you think you do. Live that life
  6. You are so much more than what the person you try to impress thinks
  7. Express yourself in music, better than thinking about that idiot
  8. Leave your spots, don’t even touch your face
  9. Coconut oil, Castor oil. Aloe Vera will sort out any problem you have in your life ✨
  10. Be sensible with money, do you actually really need that?
  11. Wear a bra that fits you
  12. Drink water everyday!
  13. Sort out all problems you have, don’t put it off or ignore it. They won’t go, it will only get worse
  14. Lets not be too quick to believe what we hear
  15. Honey & Brown sugar, best moisturiser for your body. scrub that boo
  16. Buy Sexy underwear
  17. Keep your heart clean
  18. Do what you love, if you don’t love it girl why you doing it?
  19. don’t let yesterday affect today, nor today affect tomorrow
  20. Love your sexy self 💄