Cooling Anxiety


Not many knew, but i suffer from anxiety and it took its full effect recently, and i can admit that i underestimated the danger and seriousness of it, it’s not something people feel comfortable thinking about let alone talking about it, i won’t lie i held mine in even away from me. but it was digging at me, messing with my head i started to question my sanity. it’s not something easily spoken about. A weakness, a vulnerable feeling until i admitted there was a problem.. i was burning inside.

You can’t see it either, someone facing anxiety or depression. Some people are the absolute best at covering emotions, I didn’t show it, nobody knew, partly because i know everyone else has their own problems, taking on yours? long or because i didn’t have time, no time to sit and face it, or off load everything and cry.

Going through this, I found ways to keep it at bay and keeping myself calm my tips because i know I’m not the only one;

Deep longggggg breathes; more than trivial i know but it works. Take a long deep breath through your nose, hold for 3 seconds and exhale out your mouth. Repeating this will start to feel relaxing, for me helps to repeat ( this too will pass) because i promise you it will pass.

Walks; To be present in what is currently going on around you distracts you full stop. go out for a stroll, let your eyes wander, take mental notes of whats going on around you, who’s around you, feel the sun, the wind, the rain whatever it going on at that time study your foot movement. These are all graceful distractions.

Friends; call them up talk for London, the world, talk rubbish whatever it could be, “hey, i feel an anxiety attack coming on can we talk?” (you best say yes friend.) and you’ll have to say no more, your friends have got you there’s no one better to be by your side that’s why they are your friends yo! Cry with them, laugh, moan whatever the weather thats why they are there.

Diet; I’ll be honest a lot of things in my past diet could potentially trigger my anxiety, e.g. Caffine etc.. coffee, energy drinks I can’t drink that especially in an environment of mad pressure, i bug out differently. Alcohol, I’ve witnessed a lot of people not being able to drink alcohol because of anxiety its the truth, may sound silly but everything affects people in completely different ways, i can drink alcohol ( lol thank God) but some can’t so if you have a possible friend that potentially making things worse for themselves tell them bro! be honest. Avoid eating a lot of carbs, potatoes, whole wheat and whole grain, a massive stress gain. Drinking lots of water, a lot, 8+ each day, reduces fatigue, headache etc, you’ll think more clearly and increase in vitality.

I’d say try Multivitamins and Supplements, giving your system a little boost in some of the things your body isn’t getting as regularly, B6 helps create a calming neurotransmitter serotonin helps you a lot! look for herbs to calm you, example Passion Flower.

All these help me differently, and seeing as they help me, they might help others! try them you might see a difference in a lot very quickly. But if you have a possible friend that could possibly be going through something like this.. Be there trust me that’s all they need.


Mental Health

Feeling good as well as functioning well.

mental wellbeing is;

knowing our abilities to live life and fulfilling your purpose, making positive contribution to us and close others around us. The reason that you should smile, breath and appreicate it to the fullest

Positive relationships, feeling connected and supported, its so important to have people who love you around when the going gets tough, because when you might think no one else knows what does through your head, but chances are. They do.

Peace of mind, giving life contentment, all happiness and joy, our imagination as Albert Einstein said. ‘Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions’

To cope with the ups and downs with life, the stresses of work and the impatience you may get with people. to be confident and full of resilience, taking responsibilies for ours and others when appropriate.

Our mental wellbeing is so important, that is your priority. look after you.