Value her, treating her as the queen she is ✨🌸

Her, a woman who bends & never breaks who can evolve around anything and everything. Amazing right? A queen literally.. When single and in her prime invincible. And to think some lessen themselves and value by the men they sometimes choose.. Lol bum. 
Guys, you worked to get her.. “You put in that werk”. You got her (congrats) now your comfortability that we all tend to get here in there will start to take a toll, small at first no pressure no harm done… What about in the long run? Couple months time.. Shits getting restless, stuck indoors doing the same over and over again.. Yeah special occasions you go out do a little something why not on a random why does it have to be a special day to do something special, treat her randomly.. Dates all over again like you did in the beginning remember that? The excitement of getting dressed up and going for dinner, oh you remember her smiles she loved that, she had a great time, why not again? Those things are cherished so much more than the first time because it’s out of love out of admiration seeing that smile and happiness all over again yeah you miss that. Not what your used too? Dinners dates girls, what’s holding you back from trying something new ? 

But it’s not all about that… Yeah fancy dinners, dates, cinema trips all cute and all but that won’t aways satisfy her because it’s not about that it’s not about spending money or dressing up.. It’s attention, admiration. Do you look at her like she’s the only beautiful woman in the world like she’s special like you are so lucky to have her, because you are trust me you are VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HER YOU PRICK X, 🙂 do you randomly compliment her just because she looks beautiful today, do you sit down and talk with her about how her day at work went or her night out with her girls, do you know when her break is at work give her call see how’s she’s doing what she’s up too, what are her plans just because ? Attention to detail is so big you don’t realise it. The smallest things from the one she loves the most hits her heart and makes her realise how much you care how much you listen, pay attention and love her. 

My ladies, you do not need to ask for these things, this is some what basic needs the normal, if he’s falling of a bit, tap him on the head but like “hey boo yeah..FIX UP” ❤️ oh he isn’t trying? Oh bai bai bai, switch it up on that ass, one thing I’ve learnt is ACTIONS ALL DAY EVERYDAY.. I’m not gunna get in to this because I’ll talk for a few decades. 
On the other hand, ladies it’s not all about us 🙄🙄 yeah I know wtf right? They needs some loving too let’s not be too selfish ! Us women are very compassionate people we got a love in our hearts to give, show him off! Wine and dine him! (Trading places 🎤) our men do desire to be loved small small too… Gotta spoil them ones and while aswell!!! Keep their ass’ coming home. Cook! Who don’t love a woman that cooks!!! Listen my boo’s belly will be good & rubbed allllllll the time 😇 
Try all these things! Watch more excitement come in to that relationship you got trust me 😚❤️✨
Let’s take this in though, I’ve just completed this blog in half an hour whilst working a service in the kitchen on a Saturday night with a restaurant FULLL of people. Tell me I’m not badass’ Go on 🌪🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊


10 steps to my happy 

Only 10 because I could go on for dayssssss. 😝
1. Always forgive, no matter how dirty someone done you forgive them because all that hate & sourness is just blocking up your heart from all positivity or any chance of actually being happy. 🙏🏽

2. Free your mind of all worry, I understand you have to pay this by then or hand this in there. But worrying about tomorrow will only dampen today, you gotta embrace today, live in today, enjoy today & not worry about tomorrow. I won’t lie my mind floats a lot & I do worry or deep things so much I ruin my mood but when I catch myself drifting else where about something I literally say to myself “Live in the moment moon child” it helps & is slowly getting me out of that habit.

3. Expect less, so disappointment is a large bum.. avoiding it completely saves a lot of stress 🙄 especially people.. Don’t expect anything from others.

4. Be so full of yourself, no one can love you like you. So yes you stand in that mirror in your badass’ outfit, work it & big up yourself every chance you get. 💖

5. Be the energy you want to attract, the energy you consume is so important, because every person you met or come across you take something within them with you. May it be a lesson, or a particular trait.. & we don’t want no crappiness around us, so if you feel their vibe. Their good for your soul. 🎋

6. Stay gracious, everywhere you go you’ll always leave a mark, an impression. Make it stand out there, make it one to remember be “that girl”.

7. Intimates, Go shopping & buy some sexy lingerie for YOU, yeah Bae can enjoy small small but  people don’t understand how amazing it feels just wearing it, walking round the house in it whatever ! It makes a difference, ego boost, more confidence. ✨

8. Change those food cravings! Its more easy & simple than you assume just stick by this!

9. Balance yourself financially,Saving can be difficult at times bills, uni etc. But even if it’s starting off small, £100 a month! It’s still something.. It’s a good feeling when your out randomly you see something you like, you pick it up & get it because you can.. Treating yourself randomly is allowed. 💎

10. Love people, it being friends, ya boo or family, love them. Show it, spread it everywhere! It’s an amazing moment knowing people are adoring you because you show them how much you love them. it’s lovely. ❤️❤️❤️
1 for the records. SMILE MORE HUNTY 😍😍😍

Good Daily Habits To Get You In Your Prime

I think when it comes to motivation and getting in to a routine it can be hard, as if we don’t have something physically pushing us down the right road. That was me, until i made myself a list of good habits that i should try get myself in to, i won’t like i would forget the odd one here and there but i’ll always come back to it. This list is just a generic one i’ve made to give you a rough idea, obviously depending on you, yours will change.

The Morning Routine

  1. Fix your broken windows…

Not literally, as i doubt you have any actual broken windows.. but things that will annoy you later on in the day if you don’t attend to it at that time

📌Unmade beds

📌Unopened letters, junk mail

📌Unorganised laundry

📌Messy kitchen, unwashed dishes from the night before

📌Full rubbish bins

All these things are done in a matter of minutes but we just put it off and say i’ll sort that out later, but really and truly when we do come back later. We look at it in annoyance because we didn’t do it earlier. Take care of those broken windows you’ll see a decrease in your stress levels

2.  Weigh yourself everyday

Clear health and fitness goals do require this so if you have made this one of your goals, to lose or gain weight then checking on a regular basis is important.. keeping track will help you understand how your body works, so that you could master the goal with your body along side helping you.

3. Quick fitness routine

Yes, you are probably tired and yes, it seems very long.. but a routine of 5/10 minutes can defiantly change your outlook on the day.. add a little more to your health and fitness goals as well as make you feel better.

4.  Drink a glass of cold water with lemon

Not a whole lemon, but a couple drops in a clean glass of water, but this helps with:

📍Waking up faster

📍Helps freshen your breath

📍A good amount of vitamins

📍Reduces the feeling of hunger

📍Aids your digestive system
5. Take daily vitamins

As much as we look after our bodies, sometimes we don’t always get the needed vitamins in our bodies on a daily basis, taking them regularly will give your body a boost and help your mind stay focused throughout the day, look in to all vitamins and supplements so you know what you may need. Read everything carefully on the safe side.

6. Hold a food journal

Again if you are wanting to lose weight etc, this is important. Maintaining a food journal will help you see exactly what you are putting in to your body, and how much you are eating, also helping cut down on snacking during the day.. this will help with any bad food habits you have and need to single out, making you responsible for what you eat.

7. Review Goals

Everybody has Goals, big or small, we all have things we want to accomplish, unfortunately, daily hustles and busy lifestyles can sometimes throw us off the tracks, reviewing them every morning, will help you create plans to reach the goals throughout that day, put your day in perspective and show you how important they are to accomplish.

Setting goals will get you out the habit of aimless wander on the day to day, our aim is to use every minute for what its worth and achieve what we have put out there


8. Let the Natural life in

Just like our annoying parents did in the morning, open those curtains at the crack of dawn, natural light in the morning is good

🏳Aiding in mood and perception

🏳enable the performance of tasks

🏳controlling the body’s circadian system


9. Mediate for 5 minutes

It’s about maintaining focus on one thing, such as breathing and blocking out any distractions example negativity, it reduces stress, gives you better focus, more creativity and increases memory.

The level of intensity in mediating varies on yourself, some can go hours on end, starting with just a few minutes a day and working your way up will strengthen your still and mindfullness and teach you to enjoy your silence.

10. Yoga for 10

Similar to Mediating, Yoga is a very therapeutic act, which lowers stress and anxiety levels. Youtube some routines as a starter to help you explore, it being less intense doesn’t mean it has less of an affect. Yoga is very much an act that will help you and begin to show you changes throughout your daily activities.




A Book For The Badass’




It’s not something obvious but i read, it is defiantly a passion of mine, every chance or time i get (which is very little) i pick up a book. maybe not even a book itself… but also ibooks, purchased a couple off iTunes, saga’s etc which i adore…🙏🏽

For me, to read is to grow, to learn, be inspired and be wiser.. i don’t think there’s any other authentic way of doing so, these books are to kick-start that life you are trying to start, or reminiscing about.

Facing the journey I’m currently going through, e.g. becoming one badass independent female.. yeah i know don’t watch this space… anyway going through this I’ve turned to some books to help me along the way, here’s a few which i think you should give a chance.


Jen Sincero; You are a Badass

Sophia Amoruso; #GIRLBOSS

Shonda Rhimes; Year of Yes

Lena Dunham; Not that kind of girl

Elizabeth Gilbert; Big Magic

as for the last one ( my favourite obviously because i can’t stop waffling about it) ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Amber Rose ; How To Be A Badass’ Bitch (Audio Version)

This is a “Don’t judge a book by its cover” ( Literally) lets not assume the typical meaning that society gives “badass” or especially “bitch”, Amber talks about her success story in full detail and everything she learned on the way, From Guys, Money, Friends, Loving yourself, Chasing your dream and gaining your independence as a woman. This is a book im currently listening to right now and never have i enjoyed AND learnt so much at the same time,  ignore your judgement on her career choice or lifestyle choice because it was HER choice.. take in every lesson she has learnt, and all the advice that she gives.. after not even being half way through this book. to me Amber Rose is so amazing, it has made me love her so much.. i honestly can not wait to finish it and imply a lot of it in to my life.. i know for a fact this book will help me on my journey in life to success.


I RECOMMEND 10000000%💅🏽📚