A Book For The Badass’




It’s not something obvious but i read, it is defiantly a passion of mine, every chance or time i get (which is very little) i pick up a book. maybe not even a book itself… but also ibooks, purchased a couple off iTunes, saga’s etc which i adore…🙏🏽

For me, to read is to grow, to learn, be inspired and be wiser.. i don’t think there’s any other authentic way of doing so, these books are to kick-start that life you are trying to start, or reminiscing about.

Facing the journey I’m currently going through, e.g. becoming one badass independent female.. yeah i know don’t watch this space… anyway going through this I’ve turned to some books to help me along the way, here’s a few which i think you should give a chance.


Jen Sincero; You are a Badass

Sophia Amoruso; #GIRLBOSS

Shonda Rhimes; Year of Yes

Lena Dunham; Not that kind of girl

Elizabeth Gilbert; Big Magic

as for the last one ( my favourite obviously because i can’t stop waffling about it) ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Amber Rose ; How To Be A Badass’ Bitch (Audio Version)

This is a “Don’t judge a book by its cover” ( Literally) lets not assume the typical meaning that society gives “badass” or especially “bitch”, Amber talks about her success story in full detail and everything she learned on the way, From Guys, Money, Friends, Loving yourself, Chasing your dream and gaining your independence as a woman. This is a book im currently listening to right now and never have i enjoyed AND learnt so much at the same time,  ignore your judgement on her career choice or lifestyle choice because it was HER choice.. take in every lesson she has learnt, and all the advice that she gives.. after not even being half way through this book. to me Amber Rose is so amazing, it has made me love her so much.. i honestly can not wait to finish it and imply a lot of it in to my life.. i know for a fact this book will help me on my journey in life to success.


I RECOMMEND 10000000%💅🏽📚






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