Good Daily Habits To Get You In Your Prime

I think when it comes to motivation and getting in to a routine it can be hard, as if we don’t have something physically pushing us down the right road. That was me, until i made myself a list of good habits that i should try get myself in to, i won’t like i would forget the odd one here and there but i’ll always come back to it. This list is just a generic one i’ve made to give you a rough idea, obviously depending on you, yours will change.

The Morning Routine

  1. Fix your broken windows…

Not literally, as i doubt you have any actual broken windows.. but things that will annoy you later on in the day if you don’t attend to it at that time

📌Unmade beds

📌Unopened letters, junk mail

📌Unorganised laundry

📌Messy kitchen, unwashed dishes from the night before

📌Full rubbish bins

All these things are done in a matter of minutes but we just put it off and say i’ll sort that out later, but really and truly when we do come back later. We look at it in annoyance because we didn’t do it earlier. Take care of those broken windows you’ll see a decrease in your stress levels

2.  Weigh yourself everyday

Clear health and fitness goals do require this so if you have made this one of your goals, to lose or gain weight then checking on a regular basis is important.. keeping track will help you understand how your body works, so that you could master the goal with your body along side helping you.

3. Quick fitness routine

Yes, you are probably tired and yes, it seems very long.. but a routine of 5/10 minutes can defiantly change your outlook on the day.. add a little more to your health and fitness goals as well as make you feel better.

4.  Drink a glass of cold water with lemon

Not a whole lemon, but a couple drops in a clean glass of water, but this helps with:

📍Waking up faster

📍Helps freshen your breath

📍A good amount of vitamins

📍Reduces the feeling of hunger

📍Aids your digestive system
5. Take daily vitamins

As much as we look after our bodies, sometimes we don’t always get the needed vitamins in our bodies on a daily basis, taking them regularly will give your body a boost and help your mind stay focused throughout the day, look in to all vitamins and supplements so you know what you may need. Read everything carefully on the safe side.

6. Hold a food journal

Again if you are wanting to lose weight etc, this is important. Maintaining a food journal will help you see exactly what you are putting in to your body, and how much you are eating, also helping cut down on snacking during the day.. this will help with any bad food habits you have and need to single out, making you responsible for what you eat.

7. Review Goals

Everybody has Goals, big or small, we all have things we want to accomplish, unfortunately, daily hustles and busy lifestyles can sometimes throw us off the tracks, reviewing them every morning, will help you create plans to reach the goals throughout that day, put your day in perspective and show you how important they are to accomplish.

Setting goals will get you out the habit of aimless wander on the day to day, our aim is to use every minute for what its worth and achieve what we have put out there


8. Let the Natural life in

Just like our annoying parents did in the morning, open those curtains at the crack of dawn, natural light in the morning is good

🏳Aiding in mood and perception

🏳enable the performance of tasks

🏳controlling the body’s circadian system


9. Mediate for 5 minutes

It’s about maintaining focus on one thing, such as breathing and blocking out any distractions example negativity, it reduces stress, gives you better focus, more creativity and increases memory.

The level of intensity in mediating varies on yourself, some can go hours on end, starting with just a few minutes a day and working your way up will strengthen your still and mindfullness and teach you to enjoy your silence.

10. Yoga for 10

Similar to Mediating, Yoga is a very therapeutic act, which lowers stress and anxiety levels. Youtube some routines as a starter to help you explore, it being less intense doesn’t mean it has less of an affect. Yoga is very much an act that will help you and begin to show you changes throughout your daily activities.





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