10 steps to my happy 

Only 10 because I could go on for dayssssss. 😝
1. Always forgive, no matter how dirty someone done you forgive them because all that hate & sourness is just blocking up your heart from all positivity or any chance of actually being happy. 🙏🏽

2. Free your mind of all worry, I understand you have to pay this by then or hand this in there. But worrying about tomorrow will only dampen today, you gotta embrace today, live in today, enjoy today & not worry about tomorrow. I won’t lie my mind floats a lot & I do worry or deep things so much I ruin my mood but when I catch myself drifting else where about something I literally say to myself “Live in the moment moon child” it helps & is slowly getting me out of that habit.

3. Expect less, so disappointment is a large bum.. avoiding it completely saves a lot of stress 🙄 especially people.. Don’t expect anything from others.

4. Be so full of yourself, no one can love you like you. So yes you stand in that mirror in your badass’ outfit, work it & big up yourself every chance you get. 💖

5. Be the energy you want to attract, the energy you consume is so important, because every person you met or come across you take something within them with you. May it be a lesson, or a particular trait.. & we don’t want no crappiness around us, so if you feel their vibe. Their good for your soul. 🎋

6. Stay gracious, everywhere you go you’ll always leave a mark, an impression. Make it stand out there, make it one to remember be “that girl”.

7. Intimates, Go shopping & buy some sexy lingerie for YOU, yeah Bae can enjoy small small but  people don’t understand how amazing it feels just wearing it, walking round the house in it whatever ! It makes a difference, ego boost, more confidence. ✨

8. Change those food cravings! Its more easy & simple than you assume just stick by this!

9. Balance yourself financially,Saving can be difficult at times bills, uni etc. But even if it’s starting off small, £100 a month! It’s still something.. It’s a good feeling when your out randomly you see something you like, you pick it up & get it because you can.. Treating yourself randomly is allowed. 💎

10. Love people, it being friends, ya boo or family, love them. Show it, spread it everywhere! It’s an amazing moment knowing people are adoring you because you show them how much you love them. it’s lovely. ❤️❤️❤️
1 for the records. SMILE MORE HUNTY 😍😍😍


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