Value her, treating her as the queen she is ✨🌸

Her, a woman who bends & never breaks who can evolve around anything and everything. Amazing right? A queen literally.. When single and in her prime invincible. And to think some lessen themselves and value by the men they sometimes choose.. Lol bum. 
Guys, you worked to get her.. “You put in that werk”. You got her (congrats) now your comfortability that we all tend to get here in there will start to take a toll, small at first no pressure no harm done… What about in the long run? Couple months time.. Shits getting restless, stuck indoors doing the same over and over again.. Yeah special occasions you go out do a little something why not on a random why does it have to be a special day to do something special, treat her randomly.. Dates all over again like you did in the beginning remember that? The excitement of getting dressed up and going for dinner, oh you remember her smiles she loved that, she had a great time, why not again? Those things are cherished so much more than the first time because it’s out of love out of admiration seeing that smile and happiness all over again yeah you miss that. Not what your used too? Dinners dates girls, what’s holding you back from trying something new ? 

But it’s not all about that… Yeah fancy dinners, dates, cinema trips all cute and all but that won’t aways satisfy her because it’s not about that it’s not about spending money or dressing up.. It’s attention, admiration. Do you look at her like she’s the only beautiful woman in the world like she’s special like you are so lucky to have her, because you are trust me you are VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HER YOU PRICK X, 🙂 do you randomly compliment her just because she looks beautiful today, do you sit down and talk with her about how her day at work went or her night out with her girls, do you know when her break is at work give her call see how’s she’s doing what she’s up too, what are her plans just because ? Attention to detail is so big you don’t realise it. The smallest things from the one she loves the most hits her heart and makes her realise how much you care how much you listen, pay attention and love her. 

My ladies, you do not need to ask for these things, this is some what basic needs the normal, if he’s falling of a bit, tap him on the head but like “hey boo yeah..FIX UP” ❤️ oh he isn’t trying? Oh bai bai bai, switch it up on that ass, one thing I’ve learnt is ACTIONS ALL DAY EVERYDAY.. I’m not gunna get in to this because I’ll talk for a few decades. 
On the other hand, ladies it’s not all about us 🙄🙄 yeah I know wtf right? They needs some loving too let’s not be too selfish ! Us women are very compassionate people we got a love in our hearts to give, show him off! Wine and dine him! (Trading places 🎤) our men do desire to be loved small small too… Gotta spoil them ones and while aswell!!! Keep their ass’ coming home. Cook! Who don’t love a woman that cooks!!! Listen my boo’s belly will be good & rubbed allllllll the time 😇 
Try all these things! Watch more excitement come in to that relationship you got trust me 😚❤️✨
Let’s take this in though, I’ve just completed this blog in half an hour whilst working a service in the kitchen on a Saturday night with a restaurant FULLL of people. Tell me I’m not badass’ Go on 🌪🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊


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