Stay Slay’d Because of LA

If you know kay.. you know sunglasses stay my thing all year round.. out partying look abit too waved * puts on sunglasses* hungover the next day? *puts on sunglasses* or if you just look like shit put on the sunglasses.

Slaybyla a company run by 2 amazing women who love to fulfil women empowerment, wanting all women to be theirselves & stand out whilst doing that with their bold collection of sunglasses for all year round! 

Got any holidays coming up? Yep LA got your back. Suitable for anywhere and everywhere. Let’s slay LA worldwide. Massive takeover. I 100% know I’m set good for 2017 holidays and a massive summer. I’M ADDICTED 💘

The original collection is just 😍 I more or less have them all and without fail wear them daily!  

SlaybyLA is my go to no doubt. 

On to better the winter collection is soon. Won’t lie I’m waiting ! 

Obviously it’s classified 🤐 you have to just wait patiently like me 🙄 look at the new Nicolle’s though tell me they aren’t badass 😍😩 

That’s not all! Very soon a small expansion will be happening & a collection of earrings will be added. Keep a look out! & as if it couldn’t get any better you could get a 10% discount off eyewear! Using the code “KAYSLAYS” 

Don’t miss out 🦄🌸


It had to be done

Don’t you think it’s mad how the things that we have to do to move on hurt us the most? 

Defo think that’s one reason why we avoid it and keep hoping, because of the pain and the what if’s. Think that’s my problem I always take hope from a person’s potential I stay waiting for them to turn in to that person subconsciously knowing they might never. 

But others see it… they tell you the truth but you look for a way around it to make it not seem as bad, but why are we lying to ourselves? Heart so pure feelings so strong but everywhere you turn it’s a dead end, no progression and no change. Yet we still have hope and try to smile. 

Think that’s the hardest, finally admiting to yourself it can’t be no more.. dragging you down getting you in your feelings for what? Yep it’s hard.. but are they struggling to sleep at night because of you? Maybe but the chances are they aren’t. Do they seem as stressed as you are? Doubt it. 

So you tell yourself it has to be done, you finally admit the truth to yourself but it hurts yeah. Walking away it hurts, blocking them knowing there’s no contact hurts like hell. 
But it has to be done.

*pours coconut oil over entire life* 

Why is it so special?

That good good;

so coconut oil contains Lauric acid which is a fat that is very quick to digest, smaller cells so easier to consume for energy, has antibacterial & anti fungal properties.

Has a large amount of vitamin E which is nourishing and soothing to the skin.

best ways to use it.

  1. Make up Remover, using damp cotton pads/buds, it’s also amazing for our eyelashes!
  2. Soothing and healing cracked heels
  3. Deodorant! because of the antibacterial properties it’s a complete natural way to stay fresh!
  4.  Body/face scrubs so many go to recipes adding so many other salts to make a good scrub
  5. Hair masks: Try this once a week, sinks in to all hair follicles making it grow



So Lucy Bee hooked us up with a recipe book of lots of things you can do with coconut oil, its an incredible book. defo my go to.. check it out on amazon for only £3.99  


she also does her own tub of coconut oil over at holland and barrett at £12.00