Stay Slay’d Because of LA

If you know kay.. you know sunglasses stay my thing all year round.. out partying look abit too waved * puts on sunglasses* hungover the next day? *puts on sunglasses* or if you just look like shit put on the sunglasses.

Slaybyla a company run by 2 amazing women who love to fulfil women empowerment, wanting all women to be theirselves & stand out whilst doing that with their bold collection of sunglasses for all year round! 

Got any holidays coming up? Yep LA got your back. Suitable for anywhere and everywhere. Let’s slay LA worldwide. Massive takeover. I 100% know I’m set good for 2017 holidays and a massive summer. I’M ADDICTED 💘

The original collection is just 😍 I more or less have them all and without fail wear them daily!  

SlaybyLA is my go to no doubt. 

On to better the winter collection is soon. Won’t lie I’m waiting ! 

Obviously it’s classified 🤐 you have to just wait patiently like me 🙄 look at the new Nicolle’s though tell me they aren’t badass 😍😩 

That’s not all! Very soon a small expansion will be happening & a collection of earrings will be added. Keep a look out! & as if it couldn’t get any better you could get a 10% discount off eyewear! Using the code “KAYSLAYS” 

Don’t miss out 🦄🌸


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