Loving you 

Some may have noticed I relate to or talk about self love a lot.. a lot unestimate the importance or the power loving yourself has.

No one will ever go as hard for you but you, people around you friends, family even ya boo. At the end of the day any situation you put yourself in you always do what’s best for you, as selfish as it is that’s just how it is sometimes.. without loving you, how can anyone else?

It’s not easy, I’d be lying if I said it was because even I struggle day by day. Not letting people walk all over you, social life, work environment, relationships! For anyone to take advantage of you, entertain you then the next day they don’t care. People need to appreciate you and if they don’t they don’t deserve you!
Just sit back relax & tell yourself you are an amazing Queen/King & love every part of you with all your heart and soul.

One other thing. You see the shit you going through because of other people, why are people able to alter your happy, your life? Think about it.. they aren’t in your life no more but still have an affect 🤔 you aren’t weak, they don’t matter. It’s not easy, they hurt you, they betrayed your trust left a scar. You think it’s there for life, hell no.. that’s a lesson, one of many. Know that next year you’ll be so over it you’d look back and laugh at how caught up you were. Trust me when I say it’s going to be so ok, life will be so amazing. Mark my words ✨✨