If they wanted to they would of 

If they cared, they’d show you 

If they wanted to be in your life they’d make effort

If they wanted to they would of

End of 

No if’s no but’s I do not care, you can talk shit over the moon saying you care etc if you don’t show it or make it known through your actions you are reaching a certain level of bullshitter. ( you can tell this subject has hit my heart 😂) fuck it. If you wanted something you will go and get it, that is related to every aspect in life. Dreams, material things. Everything. EVERYTHING


Sometimes Positive 🍷🐚🎎✨


Staying as positive as can isn’t always as easy, we all have our days when we become the all year round grinch, that’s me, literally. Especially when its something hard to get rid of, like a job? that was me also, Thank God i recently left and undergoing a new journey with a new company ( soon be revealed) But we should always keep ourselves in a promising mindset even when things get hard.. that being said some ways to just wind down after a day that could be potentially the worse or stressful x


  • Having a Soak –  For me having a hot bath literally cures a lot, feeling abit shit or down, relaxing in the bath will have you feeling less uptight, on top of that finding a bubble bath containing lavender etc, helping you unwinding your body!


  • Listen to Music – It being such a mood changer, literally could listen to it every hour of the day ( especially house) letting it take you to another world, distracting you from whatever is playing on your mind 🎧


  • Lighting Candles – As little as they are, candles change the automsphere your in drastically, making it feel lighter and more mellow, putting you to sleep kinda, the gentle lighting and added scent could uplift your mood in an instant, putting you at major ease🌌


  • Reading Books – For me, a book is an escape, getting lost in a book makes me forget everything and let my mind travel with the story, a good book would have you trying to even remember what dampened your mood in the first place


  • 🍷 Alcohol! – Yes it was an obvious one from me, but seriously one glass of wine or a glass of something, always always goes down well.. even when you are in a good mood still goes down very welllll for me anyway 🍷 x