Broken People

I just wanted to share this because its something i see a lot and its like when i give friends or people advice on it, they don’t listen.

Someone who feels the need to HAVE to have someone there as comfort is a broken person.. if there is a hole in your heart that you continuously do on to the next one, you don’t love yourself or if you are in the habit of being on and off with an ex partner you are not content with yourself, these are all obvious ways that you are lying to yourself about your happiness, faking your smile. Why?

This is one of many things that can creep up on you in the future and mess up your whole happiness that you worked so hard for, why risk it?

That hole in your heart is screaming at you “go find yourself” why won’t you listen?

Steps to filling your soul with contentment, and of yourself start off with the smallest things.. and make the most life changing situations..

Love yourself, Respect yourself and Look after yourself. because every body that comes along and stands in your presence will sense it all and treat you accordingly. So if you have a new one every week because you want temporary love? they will treat you like you don’t matter the next day.. making you feel worse.

So, on that note.. I hope you find the happiness you pretend to have.

K x



New ones & old ones. Dealing with friends is a cycle, a process. We all go through situations & unforunetly bad ones to reveal ones who aren’t meant to be around & ones that were never real, envious people awaiting your downfall or friends who just weren’t to grow in to the place you are. It happens not everyone matches your life, your goal or vision. But don’t sweat the ones who are on your wave length are still becoming better people to become better people together.

I’ve had my fair share of friendships not working out etc, some my fault and some not. It is what it is! Genuine love will always be there but that is all it will be. It’s part of growing up.

Life is about of growth and moving forward, if you can’t do that with the people around you right now!! Then what the fuck are you doing?! Stop wasting time, transition and progression is key!!

Another thing is, as we get older, prioritise family, work, money & career etc we lose a lot more free or spare time involving us to see a lot less of our friends.. some completely understand, some don’t get it. for the ones who don’t we are now adults creating paths for our lives or even our kids just because (example me) haven’t checked up on you for a couple days or weeks doesn’t mean I’m not concerned or I don’t care, I still love you and want the best for you now I apologise I’ve let time get the better of myself but understand I am here.. need my help call my phone I’ll be right over, advice? I got you anything you need I will try my best to provide, why? Because you are my friend you are my family and I gatchu 😚. We ain’t gotta see each other every week or every month it hardly works like that nowadays. I have a good amount of friends who I can’t physically meet up with every other day or ones I haven’t seen in maybe a year but the friendship don’t ! And don’t ever change. For the ones who do understand, don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty you are not doing anything wrong wanting to sort your life out etc isn’t you or anyone fault if you have that friend that says “ah you don’t know me no more” etc sit them down and talk to them help them to see the bigger picture, because everything we do and say and create is all for the bigger picture