Broken People

I just wanted to share this because its something i see a lot and its like when i give friends or people advice on it, they don’t listen.

Someone who feels the need to HAVE to have someone there as comfort is a broken person.. if there is a hole in your heart that you continuously do on to the next one, you don’t love yourself or if you are in the habit of being on and off with an ex partner you are not content with yourself, these are all obvious ways that you are lying to yourself about your happiness, faking your smile. Why?

This is one of many things that can creep up on you in the future and mess up your whole happiness that you worked so hard for, why risk it?

That hole in your heart is screaming at you “go find yourself” why won’t you listen?

Steps to filling your soul with contentment, and of yourself start off with the smallest things.. and make the most life changing situations..

Love yourself, Respect yourself and Look after yourself. because every body that comes along and stands in your presence will sense it all and treat you accordingly. So if you have a new one every week because you want temporary love? they will treat you like you don’t matter the next day.. making you feel worse.

So, on that note.. I hope you find the happiness you pretend to have.

K x


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