Book Review: Fearless & Fabulous “10 Powerful Strategies For Getting Anything You Want In Life

It had been a fair amount of time since I’d taken time to read something.. Slacking I know. Sometimes honestly I just don’t have time to fully get my soul in to a novel.

But this caught my eye, I had actually gone on a search to look for female entrepreneur’s and their success stories Cara Alwill Leyba being one. She brought the most common factor of us failing or stalling to accomplish goals. Fear, and she guides us through it all,  “Your passion must outweigh your fear” This being the 1st book of such relation, I can still say how amazing it actually is and how amazing Cara is.

“Surround yourself with only those who will lift you higher”

This is the type of book that you read once.. highlight everything that catches your eye and always in months to come referring to this, always going back to this book one way or another. Applying it to my daily life in every way possible.

“Nothing Fabulous happens inside of a comfort zone”

This book I can say hand on heart, it’s an investment an investment in yourself and your goals that with this book can push to them so much more faster than you entailed.

“You are the designer of your destiny, you are the author, the writer of your own story”

Make a smart move, one that could potentially change your life forever in a flash.

“This is your party Sister x”

Next book by the same woman ; Girl Code.


K x



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