Girls Need To Support Girls

I don’t see a lot of “Women Empowering”  I’m a huge passionate for the empowerment of the female but it’s as if some only actually mention it or bring it up when it benefits them in some way without the complete faith or the charisma the actual belief in what is being said.. not to say its fake no way but it’s not as appreciated the importance is undermined. But that’s not to say that some women are doing an amazing job getting all the ladies together and trying in every way  possible to make us better.

It’s important, the most important thing. We are the only ones who can keep us all together! To live freely and in independence with a strong self-worth, dignity and respect. Having the control to live how you want wherever you are, without the worry of others or the worry of society. Getting all equal  opportunities that we rightfully deserve. We are the Women of the World.

We have to start the movement and carry it out. Only us..

How many of your friends have businesses or a project that they put work on night and day, building up revenue or Popularity. In what way as the friend you are to them helping them? supporting them.. Because in other words you have now taken role of as much importance as your friend does to enhance and make that business bloom in every way possible because that is your friend.. don’t think you’ll get discounts or free items.. because your their friend you should want to support in every way possible you should want to pay for and know your helping, contributing to making your friend better. Anyway

Shouldn’t  just mean our friends? on Instagram I’m always seeing brands, labels or retailers starting out or even already blooming with a strong business women sweating blood and tears working their way up behind.. it’s a beautiful thing and when we see this we should feel good within ourselves because that’s our sister there making something of herself.. it should feel good, why are some jealous, or red-eyed. Most ugly trait to have and I guess when it comes to knowing your worth and loving yourself. Besides that.. Girls need to support girls.. always. we need to have each others backs, support each other and be there for one and other..

Any company, project and business.. doing their thing along side idealizing, appreciating and trying a lot to show the importance of the female.. all doing an amazing job and need us and we need them.

Because if it wasn’t for us Women…




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