Old Soul.


A late night one.

For those who know me, you know i got an old soul, people call me “Granny” or “Old Owl” even  Gandi” and I’ve actually only just started to ask why i acquired this state of mind, compared to others i know, don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing asset but I’ll be honest it actually does get me down.. I’m aware of too much not able to think freely and make stupid decisions being a young adult.. i’m too particular, another down fall is not everyone around me has the same. so the frustration can be real, nothing to do with age and i can’t even say it’s 100% to do with experience because i’ve been through things but then others have too, worse maybe and yet still have a different outcome.


For example, Relationships in this day and age.. majority aren’t the smooth sail you expect. becoming big situations weighing heavy on your heart.. feelings getting complicated, holding it in or letting it out at the wrong time or in the wrong situation still causing big hurt, not committing because you want to fish, major trust issues, staying single dragging others on a leech because relationships aren’t your style, insecurities a whole heap of kept in feelings and shit loads of unsaid things that sit on your chest, it sits on your heart and you try to play happy heart and put on a smile for the audience. Yet only really in our generations? but my mindset above all can’t handle that, it don’t sit well with me.. i never stand to be the person if you ask me of another and i and i say “i don’t know”  it’s not something I’m used to and i’m sure its something i don’t want to get used to, Yet call me contradicted girl, I’ve been in those kind of situations with out choice, i’ve settled for similar, it’s a downfall and i have things that weigh  heavy on my heart.. Including friendships with people, i hold pain because of others or maybe even myself for reasons of holding in feelings or unsaid things.

I won’t lie, i don’t know the outcome of the post i just needed to write and this is what fell off my finger tips, i don’t know if it makes sense no idea but for the first time in a long time the questions i ask in my head or the half questions i try to put together to make sense. I don’t have the answers this old soul is tired i guess haha. I actually sit and wonder what will come of it all?


Design your life 🎀

Competition becomes irrelevant when you are sure of your own identity.

A lot of us will sometimes feel down when we see others doing well or shinning through what they want to achieve, which may feel like a little set back in what we want to do. Especially in females, not to say we are jealous or in envy of that person but we do wish we we’re a little closer to our dreams like them, we shouldn’t but we do and sometimes can’t help it.

So Lets use that in a creative way, instead of feeling down about it feel good! that one of our own is working hard day in day out to reach for what they crave for, feel good that with hard work and time us to can get what we want just like them! use that as a stepping guide on what to do how to do it and when! they are a template for all other women that achieving our goals and being top – level badass is within arms reach. It’s possible, Go – Getter’s all have the similar mindset and the big drive to jump in the deep end and swim through the danger zone and fight for what we want, that’s us Women Fight! our second nature.

Don’t get down, don’t ever lose hope because you never know how close you are to finding your pot of Gold.  I mean once you’ve started what is the point in quitting! some of you must hate unfinished work like i do! so for the sheer face of getting things done! carry on.. and jump for those stars because for me, the World is ours. so let’s make the most of this damn thing.

Lovely Jubbly 🍭

SO, Karyser’s been slacking i know couple changes going on!

But back and in full writing mode. lets just ave a go at 50 Things good old Kay just can’t be deprived off.

  1. Clothes!
  2. Fruit Punch KA
  3. Carmex
  4. Crunchy Peanut Butter
  5. Getting my nails did!
  6. Long Baths
  7. Being a GirlBoss
  8. Summer time
  9. House music
  10. Buying new make up ( i have an addiction)
  11. Avocado
  12. Peach rings 
  13. Writing
  14. Getting my hair on fleek
  15. Hollyoaks
  16. Fleeky Eyebrows
  17. Sale times in the store!
  18. Laying in bed
  19. I love to Read
  20. Observing others ( alllllll the time)
  21. Sushi
  22. Long drives
  23. Cooking
  24. Going out dressing up cute!
  25. making money
  26. spending money ( I’m trying to save this year)
  27. Pretty underwear
  28. Squady doing well!
  29. Face Masks
  30. Myself
  31. Flowers
  32. Popping highlighter
  33. Massages
  34. Nice Hnds
  35. Motivation
  36. Balanced Chakras
  37. Big Dreams
  38. Expensive Taste
  39. Good Music
  40. Make up Tutorials
  41. Girl Power
  42. Elevation
  43. Styling
  44. Good Energies
  45. Selfies!
  46. New Shoessss
  47. omg.. New Bags
  48. My Nanna
  49. My Brothers
  50. Birthdays!