Design your life 🎀

Competition becomes irrelevant when you are sure of your own identity.

A lot of us will sometimes feel down when we see others doing well or shinning through what they want to achieve, which may feel like a little set back in what we want to do. Especially in females, not to say we are jealous or in envy of that person but we do wish we we’re a little closer to our dreams like them, we shouldn’t but we do and sometimes can’t help it.

So Lets use that in a creative way, instead of feeling down about it feel good! that one of our own is working hard day in day out to reach for what they crave for, feel good that with hard work and time us to can get what we want just like them! use that as a stepping guide on what to do how to do it and when! they are a template for all other women that achieving our goals and being top – level badass is within arms reach. It’s possible, Go – Getter’s all have the similar mindset and the big drive to jump in the deep end and swim through the danger zone and fight for what we want, that’s us Women Fight! our second nature.

Don’t get down, don’t ever lose hope because you never know how close you are to finding your pot of Gold.  I mean once you’ve started what is the point in quitting! some of you must hate unfinished work like i do! so for the sheer face of getting things done! carry on.. and jump for those stars because for me, the World is ours. so let’s make the most of this damn thing.


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