The come up 

Drastic Change can be hard to handle, especially when you’re doing it alone, it could either make or break you and that’s all down to you.
so far 2017 has been lesson after lesson and for some of them, ignored and kept going through the same struggle or the same hurt until I did, clearly I’m the type where i have to get burnt before i learn and i wouldn’t say that’s a good thing neither bad it’s just how I operate.
I’ve gone from having cancerous cells to 2 cancer scares whilst moving to a complete different city in the UK for a dream I forced from no job and no hope to finding my way back and holding it so tight no one can take it away from me. i marked a milestone from when i moved things where going to be different it didn’t go the complete way i wanted it too, it was still different and a lesson indeed but the day i decide to post this and share my openness to you is the day the real milestone the real day i know in my heart is the fresh start and I’ll start the journey of getting my happiness back and becoming an even better person than i already am.
I also want to say for people who are no longer in my life if it be last year or recent, I wish you all the best and I want to thank you for everything you done for me if it be by my side when i needed you most or a temporary high, even if it was the broken hearts and the hurt feelings because i know can never be hurt more than what we went through and the one’s who had my back more than i could possibly imagine but for a valid reason are no longer around, i thank you for it all. Every single one of you made me so much stronger i feel almost invincible. The start of something great.
Over coming things and seeing the silver lining or the end of the rainbow isn’t always easy. shit happens to us and we think that we’ll never feel the same again and it will drag and drag and we’ll just become this lump of slush whose feelings are so damaged, our soul so tainted. Nope it’s hard to be positive when so many things are hitting you in the face saying “no, no great life for you” but it’s all our timing when we decide we want to do better or be better or have better because at the end of the day we deserve better so the sooner we bring that in to our lives the sooner the law of attraction will work with us and everything will be great and glittery and hands down fucking amazing.
Till then
K x