The come up 

Drastic Change can be hard to handle, especially when you’re doing it alone, it could either make or break you and that’s all down to you.
so far 2017 has been lesson after lesson and for some of them, ignored and kept going through the same struggle or the same hurt until I did, clearly I’m the type where i have to get burnt before i learn and i wouldn’t say that’s a good thing neither bad it’s just how I operate.
I’ve gone from having cancerous cells to 2 cancer scares whilst moving to a complete different city in the UK for a dream I forced from no job and no hope to finding my way back and holding it so tight no one can take it away from me. i marked a milestone from when i moved things where going to be different it didn’t go the complete way i wanted it too, it was still different and a lesson indeed but the day i decide to post this and share my openness to you is the day the real milestone the real day i know in my heart is the fresh start and I’ll start the journey of getting my happiness back and becoming an even better person than i already am.
I also want to say for people who are no longer in my life if it be last year or recent, I wish you all the best and I want to thank you for everything you done for me if it be by my side when i needed you most or a temporary high, even if it was the broken hearts and the hurt feelings because i know can never be hurt more than what we went through and the one’s who had my back more than i could possibly imagine but for a valid reason are no longer around, i thank you for it all. Every single one of you made me so much stronger i feel almost invincible. The start of something great.
Over coming things and seeing the silver lining or the end of the rainbow isn’t always easy. shit happens to us and we think that we’ll never feel the same again and it will drag and drag and we’ll just become this lump of slush whose feelings are so damaged, our soul so tainted. Nope it’s hard to be positive when so many things are hitting you in the face saying “no, no great life for you” but it’s all our timing when we decide we want to do better or be better or have better because at the end of the day we deserve better so the sooner we bring that in to our lives the sooner the law of attraction will work with us and everything will be great and glittery and hands down fucking amazing.
Till then
K x 


The Real One

The situations you get in to, they’re hard and painful and you think how are you going to get over it or why has it happened to you. Or maybe it’s just me either way I’m going to share it with everyone..

You put your time and all your heart in to someone, it seems to go okay and you put all of you in  to that person, completely naked, heart open and vulnerable and they show all signs that they won’t let you fall, all your trust is in them, you’re more or less in the clench of their fist. But you trust them so you have the confidence that you are safe and okay.. until the day comes where it all shatters and the person who you thought the world of becomes the person you hate.. broken hearts and sleepless nights full of tears, all the questions why you, over thinking the down feeling. i could name 100s because I’ve been there i’ve lived it and its fucking hard and i feel your pain on a different level girl. Have you ever been in the position were you can’t bring yourself to hate them to the fullest and not care ever again but you can’t like you’ve tried but you can’t. Now me I’m the over thinker, the one to look in to every detail EVERYTHING i look too much in to things and end up finding out stuff i really wish i didn’t.

The blame game, the wrong way to go about it but i do, it’s that persons fault, you broke my heart. you fucked me over or you betrayed me and i will never forgive you and i probably do hate you but i love you more, but i hate you. see my problem? its hard so anyone in this you aren’t alone! it sucks and I’m not the one to say “it happens to the best of us” bullshit and bullocks sorry not sorry, you would of thought if you give good you get good, clearly not.

then there’s the little hope at the back of your head or bottom of your heart.. thinking maybe just give it time maybe just give it a break or abit of distance, because i feel so strong that this was meant to be mine.. fuck that hope i lost it a long time ago and even if i still had it i wouldn’t act on it i’d just leave it at the back of my head.

i wish i could show you guys what goes on in my head, i have no idea where to begin or what to even say its crazy but i hate it i hate every minute of it because as days go by it breaks me a little more. There’s only so many times you can try only some many times you can “have faith” haha. “what’s meant to be will be” but what if something feels like its meant to be but thats not what its being. my heads full of questions that i want answered but what if they never are?

Where do we go from here? how do we actually move on in relationships in general better yet what if you stay friends with that person, in such conflict of loving them and hating them as much as. but also watching them actually moving on, talking to someone else on the low watching that person becoming their favourite to talk to, to go to, late night convo’s their new hope and their new reason to smile. But for you everything’s on hold. i can’t imagine a pain worse than that, and i’m battling that pain trying to fight it off, trying to not feel it.

We can’t even ask the question why you, because you could be the best fucking person but still have it happen to you and to top it of after every time you still remain that amazing person, there’s no answer trust me I’ve LOOKED and got no answer so i stopped bothering with that, what’s the point it doesn’t make me feel any better and it doesn’t get me no where, i can’t give you the solution and I’m not going to motivational speak or teach because I’ll be honest i don’t know i’m still learning, i’ve been in this situation one too many and it feels brand new every time it hurts twice as worse.

But I know, we can start somewhere, asking questions like “what now?” “where do i go from here” and “whats next?” we can all scream positivity but to actually wholeheartedly actually take it in and practice it in everything we do, to master positivity is to conquer the world I’m sure from then we start on the right path.

I’ve yet to accomplish the next step. So, I guess till then.

Old Soul.


A late night one.

For those who know me, you know i got an old soul, people call me “Granny” or “Old Owl” even  Gandi” and I’ve actually only just started to ask why i acquired this state of mind, compared to others i know, don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing asset but I’ll be honest it actually does get me down.. I’m aware of too much not able to think freely and make stupid decisions being a young adult.. i’m too particular, another down fall is not everyone around me has the same. so the frustration can be real, nothing to do with age and i can’t even say it’s 100% to do with experience because i’ve been through things but then others have too, worse maybe and yet still have a different outcome.


For example, Relationships in this day and age.. majority aren’t the smooth sail you expect. becoming big situations weighing heavy on your heart.. feelings getting complicated, holding it in or letting it out at the wrong time or in the wrong situation still causing big hurt, not committing because you want to fish, major trust issues, staying single dragging others on a leech because relationships aren’t your style, insecurities a whole heap of kept in feelings and shit loads of unsaid things that sit on your chest, it sits on your heart and you try to play happy heart and put on a smile for the audience. Yet only really in our generations? but my mindset above all can’t handle that, it don’t sit well with me.. i never stand to be the person if you ask me of another and i and i say “i don’t know”  it’s not something I’m used to and i’m sure its something i don’t want to get used to, Yet call me contradicted girl, I’ve been in those kind of situations with out choice, i’ve settled for similar, it’s a downfall and i have things that weigh  heavy on my heart.. Including friendships with people, i hold pain because of others or maybe even myself for reasons of holding in feelings or unsaid things.

I won’t lie, i don’t know the outcome of the post i just needed to write and this is what fell off my finger tips, i don’t know if it makes sense no idea but for the first time in a long time the questions i ask in my head or the half questions i try to put together to make sense. I don’t have the answers this old soul is tired i guess haha. I actually sit and wonder what will come of it all?

Design your life 🎀

Competition becomes irrelevant when you are sure of your own identity.

A lot of us will sometimes feel down when we see others doing well or shinning through what they want to achieve, which may feel like a little set back in what we want to do. Especially in females, not to say we are jealous or in envy of that person but we do wish we we’re a little closer to our dreams like them, we shouldn’t but we do and sometimes can’t help it.

So Lets use that in a creative way, instead of feeling down about it feel good! that one of our own is working hard day in day out to reach for what they crave for, feel good that with hard work and time us to can get what we want just like them! use that as a stepping guide on what to do how to do it and when! they are a template for all other women that achieving our goals and being top – level badass is within arms reach. It’s possible, Go – Getter’s all have the similar mindset and the big drive to jump in the deep end and swim through the danger zone and fight for what we want, that’s us Women Fight! our second nature.

Don’t get down, don’t ever lose hope because you never know how close you are to finding your pot of Gold.  I mean once you’ve started what is the point in quitting! some of you must hate unfinished work like i do! so for the sheer face of getting things done! carry on.. and jump for those stars because for me, the World is ours. so let’s make the most of this damn thing.

Lovely Jubbly 🍭

SO, Karyser’s been slacking i know couple changes going on!

But back and in full writing mode. lets just ave a go at 50 Things good old Kay just can’t be deprived off.

  1. Clothes!
  2. Fruit Punch KA
  3. Carmex
  4. Crunchy Peanut Butter
  5. Getting my nails did!
  6. Long Baths
  7. Being a GirlBoss
  8. Summer time
  9. House music
  10. Buying new make up ( i have an addiction)
  11. Avocado
  12. Peach rings 
  13. Writing
  14. Getting my hair on fleek
  15. Hollyoaks
  16. Fleeky Eyebrows
  17. Sale times in the store!
  18. Laying in bed
  19. I love to Read
  20. Observing others ( alllllll the time)
  21. Sushi
  22. Long drives
  23. Cooking
  24. Going out dressing up cute!
  25. making money
  26. spending money ( I’m trying to save this year)
  27. Pretty underwear
  28. Squady doing well!
  29. Face Masks
  30. Myself
  31. Flowers
  32. Popping highlighter
  33. Massages
  34. Nice Hnds
  35. Motivation
  36. Balanced Chakras
  37. Big Dreams
  38. Expensive Taste
  39. Good Music
  40. Make up Tutorials
  41. Girl Power
  42. Elevation
  43. Styling
  44. Good Energies
  45. Selfies!
  46. New Shoessss
  47. omg.. New Bags
  48. My Nanna
  49. My Brothers
  50. Birthdays!

Girls Need To Support Girls

I don’t see a lot of “Women Empowering”  I’m a huge passionate for the empowerment of the female but it’s as if some only actually mention it or bring it up when it benefits them in some way without the complete faith or the charisma the actual belief in what is being said.. not to say its fake no way but it’s not as appreciated the importance is undermined. But that’s not to say that some women are doing an amazing job getting all the ladies together and trying in every way  possible to make us better.

It’s important, the most important thing. We are the only ones who can keep us all together! To live freely and in independence with a strong self-worth, dignity and respect. Having the control to live how you want wherever you are, without the worry of others or the worry of society. Getting all equal  opportunities that we rightfully deserve. We are the Women of the World.

We have to start the movement and carry it out. Only us..

How many of your friends have businesses or a project that they put work on night and day, building up revenue or Popularity. In what way as the friend you are to them helping them? supporting them.. Because in other words you have now taken role of as much importance as your friend does to enhance and make that business bloom in every way possible because that is your friend.. don’t think you’ll get discounts or free items.. because your their friend you should want to support in every way possible you should want to pay for and know your helping, contributing to making your friend better. Anyway

Shouldn’t  just mean our friends? on Instagram I’m always seeing brands, labels or retailers starting out or even already blooming with a strong business women sweating blood and tears working their way up behind.. it’s a beautiful thing and when we see this we should feel good within ourselves because that’s our sister there making something of herself.. it should feel good, why are some jealous, or red-eyed. Most ugly trait to have and I guess when it comes to knowing your worth and loving yourself. Besides that.. Girls need to support girls.. always. we need to have each others backs, support each other and be there for one and other..

Any company, project and business.. doing their thing along side idealizing, appreciating and trying a lot to show the importance of the female.. all doing an amazing job and need us and we need them.

Because if it wasn’t for us Women…



Book Review: Fearless & Fabulous “10 Powerful Strategies For Getting Anything You Want In Life

It had been a fair amount of time since I’d taken time to read something.. Slacking I know. Sometimes honestly I just don’t have time to fully get my soul in to a novel.

But this caught my eye, I had actually gone on a search to look for female entrepreneur’s and their success stories Cara Alwill Leyba being one. She brought the most common factor of us failing or stalling to accomplish goals. Fear, and she guides us through it all,  “Your passion must outweigh your fear” This being the 1st book of such relation, I can still say how amazing it actually is and how amazing Cara is.

“Surround yourself with only those who will lift you higher”

This is the type of book that you read once.. highlight everything that catches your eye and always in months to come referring to this, always going back to this book one way or another. Applying it to my daily life in every way possible.

“Nothing Fabulous happens inside of a comfort zone”

This book I can say hand on heart, it’s an investment an investment in yourself and your goals that with this book can push to them so much more faster than you entailed.

“You are the designer of your destiny, you are the author, the writer of your own story”

Make a smart move, one that could potentially change your life forever in a flash.

“This is your party Sister x”

Next book by the same woman ; Girl Code.


K x


2017 won’t work unless we do

Year after year we say “This will be my year” when it fails we sit in disappointment but we never actually pushed ourselves to make it our year.. let’s start off with simple things, that will slowly get us there step by step.


  • Write down clear goals – If it be short-term or long make it realistic and give yourself a reachable deadline, majority work so much better when having an expiry date


  • Create good daily habits – Putting ourselves in a certain routine creates order in our lives, structure we need it, so things like.. reading a book and giving yourself an amount of time to read a couple of pages in the morning before work or uni, a mini fitness work out on your bedroom floor. Mine is to Pray every morning without a fail and it’s not even sit down mediate get in your pray.. anywhere and anytime.


  • Daily self – improvement – Making ourselves better in some form is by far very valuable, from as little as reading, writing something, learn a fact or declutter a room you’ve avoided. After all of these somehow you and your soul will feel fresh, lighter and satisfied


  • Never judge yourself – This is one thing I’ll preach till the day i die. Never ever ever judge yourself, never compare to anyone else, especially what they have materialistically, none of that matters it will not bring you lasting happiness, example i like nice things if i want it i will buy it. but never will i LIVE to buy things.. to make me feel good, to make others envious, because that is not a happy life, it’s an empty one.


  • Take care of your personal health – In everyday, check ups, tests, dentists and mental health!! we don’t have mummy to book our appointments no more, we are in charge with all, besides that.. gym, regular fitness keeping a healthy lifestyle will benefit in the long run aswell as chosen diet, you snack a lot ? replace it with something it is a very easy thing to do we just need to have discipline .


  • You are your thoughts, think positive – Does what it says on the tin really, no one will understand how intensly intelligent and mind blowing our brains are aswell as the universe, its a crazy thing but we think things in to existance.


  • Reject all self-limting thoughts – You are your only competition, when you look in the mirror that is the only person you need to beat!!


  • Talk less, listen more – obvserve situations, people etc you’ll handle them in the way they should be when you fully understand


  • Spend time with like minded people – you’ll all evolve in to better people and reach goals together, “Show me your friends & i’ll tell you who you are” we are the company we keep.


  • Don’t give up. – Whatever it is, push yourself. Always, no one will help you, no one will hand it to you. You got to put in work.