2017 won’t work unless we do

Year after year we say “This will be my year” when it fails we sit in disappointment but we never actually pushed ourselves to make it our year.. let’s start off with simple things, that will slowly get us there step by step.


  • Write down clear goals – If it be short-term or long make it realistic and give yourself a reachable deadline, majority work so much better when having an expiry date


  • Create good daily habits – Putting ourselves in a certain routine creates order in our lives, structure we need it, so things like.. reading a book and giving yourself an amount of time to read a couple of pages in the morning before work or uni, a mini fitness work out on your bedroom floor. Mine is to Pray every morning without a fail and it’s not even sit down mediate get in your pray.. anywhere and anytime.


  • Daily self – improvement – Making ourselves better in some form is by far very valuable, from as little as reading, writing something, learn a fact or declutter a room you’ve avoided. After all of these somehow you and your soul will feel fresh, lighter and satisfied


  • Never judge yourself – This is one thing I’ll preach till the day i die. Never ever ever judge yourself, never compare to anyone else, especially what they have materialistically, none of that matters it will not bring you lasting happiness, example i like nice things if i want it i will buy it. but never will i LIVE to buy things.. to make me feel good, to make others envious, because that is not a happy life, it’s an empty one.


  • Take care of your personal health – In everyday, check ups, tests, dentists and mental health!! we don’t have mummy to book our appointments no more, we are in charge with all, besides that.. gym, regular fitness keeping a healthy lifestyle will benefit in the long run aswell as chosen diet, you snack a lot ? replace it with something it is a very easy thing to do we just need to have discipline .


  • You are your thoughts, think positive – Does what it says on the tin really, no one will understand how intensly intelligent and mind blowing our brains are aswell as the universe, its a crazy thing but we think things in to existance.


  • Reject all self-limting thoughts – You are your only competition, when you look in the mirror that is the only person you need to beat!!


  • Talk less, listen more – obvserve situations, people etc you’ll handle them in the way they should be when you fully understand


  • Spend time with like minded people – you’ll all evolve in to better people and reach goals together, “Show me your friends & i’ll tell you who you are” we are the company we keep.


  • Don’t give up. – Whatever it is, push yourself. Always, no one will help you, no one will hand it to you. You got to put in work.




Broken People

I just wanted to share this because its something i see a lot and its like when i give friends or people advice on it, they don’t listen.

Someone who feels the need to HAVE to have someone there as comfort is a broken person.. if there is a hole in your heart that you continuously do on to the next one, you don’t love yourself or if you are in the habit of being on and off with an ex partner you are not content with yourself, these are all obvious ways that you are lying to yourself about your happiness, faking your smile. Why?

This is one of many things that can creep up on you in the future and mess up your whole happiness that you worked so hard for, why risk it?

That hole in your heart is screaming at you “go find yourself” why won’t you listen?

Steps to filling your soul with contentment, and of yourself start off with the smallest things.. and make the most life changing situations..

Love yourself, Respect yourself and Look after yourself. because every body that comes along and stands in your presence will sense it all and treat you accordingly. So if you have a new one every week because you want temporary love? they will treat you like you don’t matter the next day.. making you feel worse.

So, on that note.. I hope you find the happiness you pretend to have.

K x


New ones & old ones. Dealing with friends is a cycle, a process. We all go through situations & unforunetly bad ones to reveal ones who aren’t meant to be around & ones that were never real, envious people awaiting your downfall or friends who just weren’t to grow in to the place you are. It happens not everyone matches your life, your goal or vision. But don’t sweat the ones who are on your wave length are still becoming better people to become better people together.

I’ve had my fair share of friendships not working out etc, some my fault and some not. It is what it is! Genuine love will always be there but that is all it will be. It’s part of growing up.

Life is about of growth and moving forward, if you can’t do that with the people around you right now!! Then what the fuck are you doing?! Stop wasting time, transition and progression is key!!

Another thing is, as we get older, prioritise family, work, money & career etc we lose a lot more free or spare time involving us to see a lot less of our friends.. some completely understand, some don’t get it. for the ones who don’t we are now adults creating paths for our lives or even our kids just because (example me) haven’t checked up on you for a couple days or weeks doesn’t mean I’m not concerned or I don’t care, I still love you and want the best for you now I apologise I’ve let time get the better of myself but understand I am here.. need my help call my phone I’ll be right over, advice? I got you anything you need I will try my best to provide, why? Because you are my friend you are my family and I gatchu ๐Ÿ˜š. We ain’t gotta see each other every week or every month it hardly works like that nowadays. I have a good amount of friends who I can’t physically meet up with every other day or ones I haven’t seen in maybe a year but the friendship don’t ! And don’t ever change. For the ones who do understand, don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty you are not doing anything wrong wanting to sort your life out etc isn’t you or anyone fault if you have that friend that says “ah you don’t know me no more” etc sit them down and talk to them help them to see the bigger picture, because everything we do and say and create is all for the bigger picture

If they wanted to they would ofย 

If they cared, they’d show you 

If they wanted to be in your life they’d make effort

If they wanted to they would of

End of 

No if’s no but’s I do not care, you can talk shit over the moon saying you care etc if you don’t show it or make it known through your actions you are reaching a certain level of bullshitter. ( you can tell this subject has hit my heart ๐Ÿ˜‚) fuck it. If you wanted something you will go and get it, that is related to every aspect in life. Dreams, material things. Everything. EVERYTHING

Sometimes Positive ๐Ÿท๐Ÿš๐ŸŽŽโœจ


Staying as positive as can isn’t always as easy, we all have our days when we become the all year round grinch, that’s me, literally. Especially when its something hard to get rid of, like a job? that was me also, Thank God i recently left and undergoing a new journey with a new company ( soon be revealed) But we should always keep ourselves in a promising mindset even when things get hard.. that being said some ways to just wind down after a day that could be potentially the worse or stressful x


  • Having a Soak – ย For me having a hot bath literally cures a lot, feeling abit shit or down, relaxing in the bath will have you feeling less uptight, on top of that finding a bubble bath containing lavender etc, helping you unwinding your body!


  • Listen to Music – It being such a mood changer, literally could listen to it every hour of the day ( especially house) letting it take you to another world, distracting you from whatever is playing on your mind ๐ŸŽง


  • Lighting Candles – As little as they are, candles change the automsphere your in drastically, making it feel lighter and more mellow, putting you to sleep kinda, the gentle lighting and added scent could uplift your mood in an instant, putting you at major ease๐ŸŒŒ


  • Reading Books – For me, a book is an escape, getting lost in a book makes me forget everything and let my mind travel with the story, a good book would have you trying to even remember what dampened your mood in the first place


  • ๐Ÿท Alcohol! – Yes it was an obvious one from me, but seriously one glass of wine or a glass of something, always always goes down well.. even when you are in a good mood still goes down very welllll for me anyway ๐Ÿท x

Loving youย 

Some may have noticed I relate to or talk about self love a lot.. a lot unestimate the importance or the power loving yourself has.

No one will ever go as hard for you but you, people around you friends, family even ya boo. At the end of the day any situation you put yourself in you always do what’s best for you, as selfish as it is that’s just how it is sometimes.. without loving you, how can anyone else?

It’s not easy, I’d be lying if I said it was because even I struggle day by day. Not letting people walk all over you, social life, work environment, relationships! For anyone to take advantage of you, entertain you then the next day they don’t care. People need to appreciate you and if they don’t they don’t deserve you!
Just sit back relax & tell yourself you are an amazing Queen/King & love every part of you with all your heart and soul.

One other thing. You see the shit you going through because of other people, why are people able to alter your happy, your life? Think about it.. they aren’t in your life no more but still have an affect ๐Ÿค” you aren’t weak, they don’t matter. It’s not easy, they hurt you, they betrayed your trust left a scar. You think it’s there for life, hell no.. that’s a lesson, one of many. Know that next year you’ll be so over it you’d look back and laugh at how caught up you were. Trust me when I say it’s going to be so ok, life will be so amazing. Mark my words โœจโœจ

Stay Slay’d Because of LA

If you know kay.. you know sunglasses stay my thing all year round.. out partying look abit too waved * puts on sunglasses* hungover the next day? *puts on sunglasses* or if you just look like shit put on the sunglasses.

Slaybyla a company run by 2 amazing women who love to fulfil women empowerment, wanting all women to be theirselves & stand out whilst doing that with their bold collection of sunglasses for all year round! 

Got any holidays coming up? Yep LA got your back. Suitable for anywhere and everywhere. Let’s slay LA worldwide. Massive takeover. I 100% know I’m set good for 2017 holidays and a massive summer. I’M ADDICTED ๐Ÿ’˜

The original collection is just ๐Ÿ˜ I more or less have them all and without fail wear them daily!  

SlaybyLA is my go to no doubt. 

On to better the winter collection is soon. Won’t lie I’m waiting ! 

Obviously it’s classified ๐Ÿค you have to just wait patiently like me ๐Ÿ™„ look at the new Nicolle’s though tell me they aren’t badass ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฉ 

That’s not all! Very soon a small expansion will be happening & a collection of earrings will be added. Keep a look out! & as if it couldn’t get any better you could get a 10% discount off eyewear! Using the code “KAYSLAYS” 

Don’t miss out ๐Ÿฆ„๐ŸŒธ

It had to be done

Don’t you think it’s mad how the things that we have to do to move on hurt us the most? 

Defo think that’s one reason why we avoid it and keep hoping, because of the pain and the what if’s. Think that’s my problem I always take hope from a person’s potential I stay waiting for them to turn in to that person subconsciously knowing they might never. 

But others see it… they tell you the truth but you look for a way around it to make it not seem as bad, but why are we lying to ourselves? Heart so pure feelings so strong but everywhere you turn it’s a dead end, no progression and no change. Yet we still have hope and try to smile. 

Think that’s the hardest, finally admiting to yourself it can’t be no more.. dragging you down getting you in your feelings for what? Yep it’s hard.. but are they struggling to sleep at night because of you? Maybe but the chances are they aren’t. Do they seem as stressed as you are? Doubt it. 

So you tell yourself it has to be done, you finally admit the truth to yourself but it hurts yeah. Walking away it hurts, blocking them knowing there’s no contact hurts like hell. 
But it has to be done.

*pours coconut oil over entire life*ย 

Why is it so special?

That good good;

so coconut oil contains Lauric acid which is a fat that is very quick to digest, smaller cells so easier to consume for energy, has antibacterial & anti fungal properties.

Has a large amount of vitamin E which is nourishing and soothing to the skin.

best ways to use it.

  1. Make up Remover, using damp cotton pads/buds, it’s also amazing for our eyelashes!
  2. Soothing and healing cracked heels
  3. Deodorant! because of the antibacterial properties it’s a complete natural way to stay fresh!
  4.  Body/face scrubs so many go to recipes adding so many other salts to make a good scrub
  5. Hair masks: Try this once a week, sinks in to all hair follicles making it grow



So Lucy Bee hooked us up with a recipe book of lots of things you can do with coconut oil, its an incredible book. defo my go to.. check it out on amazon for only ยฃ3.99  


she also does her own tub of coconut oil over at holland and barrett at ยฃ12.00